Python Fundamenals
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Python 01




Online 1:1                          

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English / Hindi / Nepali



Price: Rs 1999                            


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Python - Geting Started

There are plethora of programming languages to learn like C,C++,Java etc. But among all those programming languages, Python seems to top the list of favorites majorly due to the ease of use with which developers can handle complex coding challenges with Python.

Python is a high level, a robust programming language which has its main focus on rapid application development. Because of its core functionality, Python has become one of the fastest growing programming languages making it the obvious choice for developing applications with machine learning, AI, big data and IoT. 

Python is all about reducing the number of codes you generally use to execute a function. It focuses on simplifying the codes and makes it easy to read. Add to it a whole lot of complex algorithms on which AI and ML are developed on, the combination of Python with AI will greatly reduce the number of codes the developers have to work on.