Why us ?

Our one on one sessions are democratized and
allows the learner to be incharge.

Personalized timings

We allow you to decide timings and days when you want to learn and when you don't.

Value for money

Our one on one sessions are prized low and have hardware kits included.

Unlimited Doubts

We focus on making you learn. Unless you learn you can ask doubts.

Hands on Learning

We focus on project based hands on learning that ensures all round development.


Learn the basics of hardware and circuits hands on..

  • Price:₹2000 (with kit- Only Level 1)
  • 1. Basics of breadboard and circuits
  • 2. Basics of Arduino IDE
  • 3. Introduction to digital outputs
  • 4. Introduction to Analog Inputs
  • 5. Mini Project

Pacing up with learning Arduino programming.

  • Price:₹4000 (with kit- Level 1+2 Combined)
  • 1. Interfacing of BMP280 temperature,pressure and humidity sensor.
  • 2. Interfacing of 16x2 LCD and Potentiometer
  • 3. Interfacing of Buttons and functions
  • 4. Project Part 1
  • 5. Project Part 2

First steps for becoming a maker!

  • Price:₹6000 (with kit- Level 1+2+3 Combined)
  • 1. Itroduction to ESP12E development board
  • 2. Inroduction to relays
  • 3. Introduction to IOT dashboard
  • 4. Project Part 1
  • 5. Project Part 2