Coding for Kids

Coding has become the norm and is the new trend and it is the hot topic of 21st century. Everybody wants to learn it some way or the other and get into the rising star industry i.e., Information technology aka IT industry. Now, although there is a lot other than coding to the IT industry majority of it comprises of solving programs and algorithms. Since the importance of programming has come into the limelight many parents now have started taking notice and want their children to learn to code. While coding is considered to be an adults cup of tea , school curriculums have started to incorporate programming in to their syllabus such as ICSE board teaches Java language right from grade 9 up to grade 12 involving everything even data structures an algorithms. Government boards also provide computer science as an important subject for high school juniors and seniors. We all know by now that coding is a must to almost everybody but why must children in particular start learning to code? What is its importance?

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn - Stephen Hawking

Importance of coding for children

Coding is a very versatile skill which requires a long attention span and a lot of concentration. It inculcates problem solving skills and also patience. All these qualities are some of the most important qualities a human can posses and it is best that people start learning it at a young age because children adapt to new teachings fast and hence, if they start learning to code right from a young age there are very high chances that your child will grow up to be a good programmer. Children love fun and a little challenge every now and then and programming will provide them with that fun little challenge and when they end up finishing the task the taste of victory would also provide them a sense of satisfaction and want them to keep going in turn making them more valiant with all of the above mentioned skills.


Scope & Future perspectives

As mentioned earlier coding is the new gig and of course for it to be such a huge deal there must be some kind of reason for it to be so popular in today’s day and age. IT is the emerging field and everything that we know of and use in our day to day life is somehow operated by a set of instructions and these instructions are known as codes. From Calculator to the mobile phones that we use all require coding in order for them to function.

From this we could definitely say that the scope in the field of programming is very high and also we need to keep in my programming is the most in demand skill right now. Major IT companies like Google, Apple, IBM,facebook etc., are always on the hunt for people who could code well. Google came out with a selection process called the google foobar which appears based on a person’s search history and mainly contains coding challenges around those who go through this and successfully complete the challenges get recruited by google.

Many fields which are on the rise like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc., require good coding skills and also give nearly 80% employability rate Role of Parents and mentors We all know that children are completely dependent on their elders be it family or teachers. In order to know something they look up to elders and depend on their teachers to gain knowledge and hence, it is very apparent that for a child to learn a new skill like coding their parents and teacher play a very humongous role for them to gain from.

Learning to code for these children is like learning a completely new language on it’s own so they will require a lot of support from the people around them for them to learn and grow and improve their skills. It is the duty of the teacher at school to keep close supervision on the child and teach them to the best of their ability and at home it is the duty of the parents to keep their child consistent in learning this new skill because only then the child would retain what they are learning and what is learnt in childhood and is carried into their growing years will always sustain in their memory making them more vigilant to the art of coding.


Even though coding is the new trend and everything not everyone is suitable for learning this. If your child is not interested in coding then let them be and don’t think that they couldn’t do anything else if not coding, there is always one thing that everyone is good at.

Even if your child shows an interest in coding we need to remember that there are various languages and branches of coding and related to programming and learning coding is like learning a whole new language on its own and it will be initially difficult for some kids to grasp the concepts and it could get very tricky

Coding in developed countries

In china learning to code had been made compulsory right from primary. In USA there is an entire city dedicated for information technology called the silicon valley in Detroit. Countries with higher-income rates tend to use C/C++more. The most-used technologies in high-income nations included, in descending order, Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, HTML, Android, jQuery, and PHP; in the rest of the world, the top-ranked included (also in descending order) JavaScript, Java, Android, C#, PHP, jQuery, HTML, and Python.